Dryer Vent cleaning



PerfecTemp has added another cleaning service to the fleet, dryer vent cleaning. This option can be added to  duct cleaning or done separately.


Dryer lint commonly builds up in the ventilation system of your dryer. Over time, when the lint has built up substantially, you tend to notice that the dryer is underperforming. This includes lack of drying and longer run times, which may cause damage to the dryer, potentially starting a fire. Maintaining a clear pathway for the ventilation run is crucial.


The dryer vent cleaning is  simple process with the RotoVent-Vac. This system is similar to duct cleaning, in the way that it provides suction and agitation. First, we disconnect the dryer vent flexible run, connecting the dryer to the vent that runs through your walls to exit the exterior of the house. Next, we properly clean the flexible tubing, and reduce or replace the tubing, depending on what is needed. After that is complete, we connect the tubing from the RotoVent-Vac to the vent run in your home and turn on the dual vacuum system. We then feed a rotation device with a brush to spin inside the vent, to allow the lint to be removed. Once this process is complete, we reconnect the dryer and flex tubing. To finish the cleaning, we run the dryer to ensure proper ventilation.


To set up an appointment or receive a free quote for this service, contact PerfecTemp by calling, emailing, or simply  submitting a request online.