Air Duct Cleanings



PerfecTemp now offers duct cleaning services. We have recently introduced the Rotobrush Beast system to our fleet. This system is operated by a two man crew that thoroughly cleans your supply take offs and main trunk lines, including your returns. 


Having a dirty duct system can cause various issues to your home. There is a large collection of dust in your return ducts, that causes your home and the furniture in it to build up dust. This dust in your home also can cause allergies and other respiratory problems. This also can cause your filters to build up and become dirty quicker than normal. After the process of cleaning is done, this will reduce the risks stated above. 


The process that goes into duct cleaning is a very thorough and complete action. The procedure entails having each supply and return grill removed. Once the grills are removed, we clean the grills to remove dirt and dust build up, as well as, cleaning the surface around the vents. We then send the Brush Beast system through the duct work. The Brush Beast is a high powered system that includes a vacuum component, along with a brush system to dislodge the dust and clean the surface of the ducts. The brush allows for the build up to be sucked out by the vacuum, ending with a thoroughly cleaned duct system. After all is complete, an anti-microbial is sprayed through the system to kill bacteria in the ducts.


To set up an appointment or receive a free quote for this service, contact PerfecTemp by calling, emailing, or simply  submitting a request online.